Successful Conclusion of Igenesis’s Debut at Medlab 2024 in Dubai

Medlab Middle East 2024, one of the largest medical equipment exhibitions in the Middle East and a professional trade platform for global medical laboratory equipment and testing equipment, was successfully held at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from February 5th to 8th, 2024. The exhibition attracts more than 700 exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions, as well as nearly 10,000 laboratory and diagnostic industry professionals, to showcase and exchange the most cutting-edge medical technology and equipment, and experience an unprecedented academic atmosphere and technological innovation.


At this event, Igenesis showcased its self-developed and produced Automated Fully Enclosed qPCR System -- Galaxy series and a variety of supporting reagents, which attracted many visitors to stop by. The booth was crowded with people and the atmosphere was lively. Experts, enterprise representatives, and visitors from all over the world, gathered around the exhibition hall. Igenesis’s overseas marketing team vividly demonstrated and explained the company’s overall solutions and technological innovations in the field of point-of-care molecular diagnostics to them, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of igenesis’s products. The unique and innovative POCT product design and flexible usability performance have won high praise and interest from many viewers, and many customers have expressed their willingness to cooperate.


Galaxy Automated Fully Enclosed qPCR System

Galaxy Automated Fully Enclosed qPCR System, equipped with iCassette (PCR-fluorescent probe method). With only 3 steps, it can automatically and completely finish the whole process of nucleic acid extraction, purification and fluorescent PCR amplification, and automatically obtain the experimental results, truly achieving sample in-result out. It also supports one-key detection of multiple projects, such as HPV screening, STDs detection, respiratory virus multiplex detection, tuberculosis screening, drug resistance detection, etc.


Product Advantages

●Intelligent:Automate the whole process of fluorescent PCR, Sample in-Result out, Lower operator requirements;
●Integrated:Extraction+Amplification+Detection in one, no additional equipment required;
●Fully Enclosed:Eliminate sample cross-contamination, no aerosol risk, and biosafety;
●Multiplex qPCR Detection:7 color fluorescent channels for multiplex detection;
●Rapid Detection:1~2 hours to get results, shorten turn-around time.

Product Parameters


iCassette® - Open Platform

The iCassette has an unique openness and compatibility, which can quickly integrate the third-party PCR detection reagents into iCassette to form an integrated molecular POCT detection product, and greatly saves the development time and cost of products. With the Galaxy Automated Fully Enclosed qPCR System,the whole process of nucleic acid detection is completed in a closed and integrated manner. It can achieve rapid pathogen nucleic acid detection in various scenarios such as medical institutions at all levels, disease control centers, third-party clinical testing institutions, forensic centers, inspection and quarantine bureaus, etc.


The first overseas exhibition in the Year of the Dragon, Igenesis is actively venturing into the international arena, steadfast in pursuing global partnerships to seek mutual business opportunities and foster development for a win-win outcome. Up to now, Igenesis has obtained over 120 domestic and international patents, 9 Chinese medical device registration certificates, and 21 CE certifications from the European Union. Looking ahead, Igenesis will uphold its corporate philosophy of "Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, and Win-Win," striving to become a global leader in point-of-care molecular diagnostics. We are committed to continuously exploring the boundless possibilities of genetic testing and providing a comprehensive range of safe, rapid, convenient, and precise molecular diagnostic products, services, and solutions for our valued customers.


The exhibition ended perfectly, looking forward to meeting next year!

Post time: Feb-07-2024